Organic Vegetable Growing

Many people in the rural communities in Africa find can not affor to buy fertilizer and pesticides for their crops as it it very expensive, and also a challenge to transport all the way to their village. Pesticides is also a health risk. But a lot of food can easily be grown with little labour on a small land if you grow vegetables. These can easily be grown without fertilizer and pesticides using compost beds and natur`s own remedies as “pesticides”. You need to be a good farmer to succeed in organic vegetable growing, as you need good knowledge about the soil and biological diversity, so that you can play on team with nature. Response Network hold 2-days practical workshops where committed members of the village learn the method, on condition that they too involve the intire village in organic vegetable growing after the workshop. The manual “Organic Vegetable Growing” can be ordered from Response Network and provides simple information on how you can become a good organic vegetable grower.

It can also be downloaded from below!

Organic Vegetable growing manual

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